Kastella, 18/10/2021

f society is pleased to announce the completion of the development and certification of its “Quality Management System” under the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems

f society is certified with 9001-2015 ISO

ISO 9001: 2015 specifies the requirements for the development and operation of a Quality Management System, emphasizing the risk-taking approach of the activities of a company/organization. The purpose of implementing the System is to identify threats and opportunities in achieving quality objectives and address or exploit them through documented procedures.

f society’s ISO 9001: 2015 certification concerns all its business activities. These include the following services:

  • Consulting in Software and Applications.
  • Education.
  • Consulting in Management and Compliance Systems.

f society is committed to providing high-quality consulting services and the continuous effort to develop innovative research and work environments. The company’s management and its staff’s commitment to constantly improving the provided services is a strategic goal of leadership and responsibility.

f society’s vision includes its ambition to achieve its mission and where it wants to reach society through the provision of its services.

In the context of Quality Management, the company’s management encourages quality assurance and continuous improvement, setting specific key quality objectives that are reviewed at regular intervals and aim at the following:

  1. efficient provision of services,
  2. constant improvement and upgrading of the customer support process,
  3. participation in scientific, research and other projects and the exploitation of results and innovation,
  4. recruitment of highly qualified and trained staff as well as continuous development of its human resources,
  5. diffusion of knowledge,
  6. constant growth and evolution of its information systems with the use of state-of-the-art technologies,
  7. participation in the development needs of the country,
  8. continuous improvement of working conditions and quality of life,
  9. continued improvement of business performance,
  10. maximizing the satisfaction of the recipients of the services,
  11. improving the attractiveness and internationalization of the company,
  12. promotion in the society, the state, but also in the international market of the work that is taking place,
  13. transparency at all levels,
  14. improving the company’s services and infrastructure,
  15. adoption of all the necessary processes and procedures that will ensure the smooth and reliable internal and external evaluation of the company, which in turn feeds the design of its goals,
  16. intellectual property protection,
  17. protection of information goods and personal data.

Please read our detailed Quality Management Policy here.