Kastella, 01/12/2022

f society is pleased to announce the completion of its certification according to the international standard ISO 22301:2019 for the Business Continuity Management System on 08/11/2022.


The international standard ISO 22301:2019 defines the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) criteria. Specifically, it specifies the requirements for implementing, maintaining, and improving a management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of, prepare for, respond to and recover from unsettled outages when they occur.

f society believes that fulfilling all assumed obligations in the event of an emergency is one of the primary conditions for sustainable business development.

f society commits to providing high-quality consulting services. It also commits to developing an innovative research and work environment.

Therefore, as part of activities to support business continuity, it undertakes short-term plans. Precisely, these plans determine the maintenance/establishment of the required services in an emergency.

The Management ensures that the business continuity system is active across all departments. This assurance should be efficient and continuously improved. Also, this assurance ensures that the business continuity system complies with best practices. In addition, the implementation should also function and take place in the secondary subdivisions.

Key Results of the Implementation of the Business Continuity Policy are:

  • Reduce the risk of business interruption.
  • Maintain the loyalty of customers and suppliers/partners by demonstrating the business viability verified by the business continuity system.
  • The Business Continuity Management System is reviewed, maintained, and improved on an ongoing basis by management.

You can read more about f society’s Business Continuity Policy here.