Let’s start 2023 with a different kind of wish! We hope that your business operations do not burden our planet!

We chose to do it by planting trees!

But let’s start things from the beginning.

At f society, we are committed to being a sustainable company. We commit to sustainable practices as part of the UN Global Compact. We do this by creating value for our customers and stakeholders. That’s why we’re active in fighting racial injustice, promoting gender equality, working hard to protect our customers’ data and privacy, and doing everything we can to mitigate our impact on the environment.

In managing and protecting the environment, our company’s contribution has two dimensions, one internal and one external. The inner dimension refers to our effort to reduce the environmental impact of our operation. The external size refers to our effort to increase the ecological sensitivity of other stakeholders and society.

For 2 years now, we have proven to use only green energy for our operations! At the same time, we balance our CO2 environmental impact by planting trees.

We are accountable by maintaining, among others, a certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015 and our social responsibility management system according to ISO 26000:2010.

We invite you to visit our tree-nation website for real-time monitoring of our balances.

This is why we decided to start the new year 2023 with a different wish.

We hope this inspires you to take action in the same direction!