Ransomware attacks have seen a rapid rise in recent years. Indeed, these attacks have become one of the most dangerous threats facing any business today. Of course, this is not something new.

Indeed, the first Ransomware came to the spotlight via floppy disk in the late 80s. Since then, the developers of these attacks have tried to constantly evolve their tactics to avoid detection and increase the chances of getting a ransom from their victims.

As a consequence, this may include the development of more harmful strains of Ransomware. That is, adding double or triple blackmail threats or targeting their attacks on organizations likely to suffer the most significant impact may result. Therefore, organizations must ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

However, companies can learn a lot from past incidents about how Ransomware attacks take action. For example, the type of businesses they target and the damage they can cause. In this article, we will have a deep dive, into five essential Ransomware variants and attacks and what they have taught companies.

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