Human error is inevitable, even in areas as thorough and technically effective as cyber security. While there are mechanisms to prevent and detect such incidents, sometimes even a well-organized business can fall victim to cyberbullying. And this is something that can happen due to intervention by the human factor. Fortunately, organizations can reduce human error to a minimum by identifying and addressing common problems. In this way, they ensure the smooth operation of the business.

While a significant non-technological barrier to cyber security, the human factor can protect an organization’s networks and data. This protection will happen as long as employees adhere to specific safety policies. They must practice and participate in regular cyber security training and exercises to do this.

According to IBM research, the human factor has involvement in 95% of information security errors. Information management risk managers and security managers need to consider three crucial factors. It is about human weakness, negligence, and fatigue. There will be a minimization of human error in designing and implementing policies and procedures with these essential factors.

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