Cybersecurity gets a new pillar.

Great news, Bletchley Park is creating a cybersecurity college. Teaching 16-19-year-olds cybersecurity skills along with maths, physics, computer science and economics. What better place for the college to be located than at Bletchley Park. The UK’s hub of codebreaking during the second world war, where the infamous Enigma Code was deciphered.

Even greater news that a consortium of experts will be responsible for the college setup. BT Security, Cyber Security challenge and The National Museum of Computing gives them a strong base in terms of computing and cybersecurity knowledge, with partner City and Guilds providing the education and qualification expertise.

Undoubtedly there is a desperate need for more technology education in the UK and overseas. Our standard curricula have not, in general, kept up with the rapid progress of technology. Like data science and big data, cybersecurity is an area that will grow dramatically over the next few years with a proportionate increase in job vacancies. We need to make sure that we have a workforce ready to take up these opportunities.