How Phishing-as-a-service overcomes the security provided by MFA

Researchers have discovered the existence of a hazardous cybersecurity application related to Phishing-as-a-service and MFA. Specifically, it is a tool for sale on the dark web that allows criminal hackers to bypass MFA (multi-factor authentication) mechanisms. As a result, hackers can break into organizations’ systems much more easily and quickly than in the past. What is this dangerous Phishing app? The application in question is called “Evil Proxy” and is available with a monthly subscription of up to about 395…

October is the Cybersecurity month.

That’s why the European Union launched a campaign named Cybersecurity Month (ECSM). ECSM promotes cybersecurity among EU citizens and organizations and provides up-to-date online security information through awareness-raising and sharing of good practices. What is Cybersecurity? According to ISO/IEC 27032, Cybersecurity is the process of protecting privacy, integrity, and accessibility of data information in Cyberspace.  Indeed, cyber-attacks are an increasingly sophisticated and evolving danger to an organization’s sensitive data. In other words, attackers employ new methods powered by social engineering and…

HTTPS protocol – Panacea to Websites Perfomance? Last Part

A little backstory Back in 2014, HTTPS became a hot-topic after the Heartbleed bug became public. This bug allows people with ill intent to listen in on traffic being transferred over SSL/TLS. Therefore, it gave them the ability to hijack and/or read the data. Luckily, researchers patched this bug quickly after its discovery. This incident was a wake-up call that properly encrypting user information over the internet is a necessity.

500 million Yahoo accounts breached in 2014

The incident Yahoo recently informed the public about the theft of crucial information from at least 500 million Yahoo accounts. The information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers. Security advises Yahoo recommends users who haven’t changed their Yahoo passwords since 2014 do so. Their spokesperson said that account holders should also change passwords and security questions. Additionally, they should also change the answers for any other account they…

UK’s cybersecurity start-up accelerator program

Great news for cybersecurity The UK government has announced an initiative that will see it join forces with some of the country’s hottest start-ups. They will fund the development of a start-up accelerator program that will help protect the UK from cyber attacks.

Protect your code – protect your data

Responsibility for securing enterprise applications has been moving down the development lifecycle, and for good reason. It not only makes the enterprise obtain security, but also saves companies time and money. In this article, we can talk about code security and what its impact.

‘Freebooting’ vulnerability in Facebook tool

NETMYSOFT Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Laxman Muthiyah spotted a freebooting vulnerability on Facebook‘s Rights Manager platform. Freebooting means the act of downloading someone else’s pirated content and uploading it on another online platform.

Transfer Stolen Data from Air-Gapped Computer by using HDD’s noise

According to the hackernews, a new way to stole data form air-gapped computer was found. The technique got the name “DiskFiltration” and it is as interesting as it sounds. Air-gapped computers are compuers isolated from the Internet and other devices. Specialists considered for a long time thaty they are the most secure and safest place for storing data in critical infrastructures such as: industrial control systems financial institutions classified military networks.

Visual Hacking and its success

What is visual hacking? In essence, visual hacking is spying what’s on others’ computer screens and desks. 3M’s 2016 Global Visual Hacking Experiment has found that the overwhelming majority of companies across the globe are not prepared to detect visual hacking in business office environments or to protect their most valuable information. To test the efficacy of visual hacking techniques, 3M had a white hat assume the role of a temporary office worker.