October is the Cybersecurity month.

That’s why the European Union launched a campaign named Cybersecurity Month (ECSM). ECSM promotes cybersecurity among EU citizens and organizations and provides up-to-date online security information through awareness-raising and sharing of good practices. What is Cybersecurity? According to ISO/IEC 27032, Cybersecurity is the process of protecting privacy, integrity, and accessibility of data information in Cyberspace.  Indeed, cyber-attacks are an increasingly sophisticated and evolving danger to an organization’s sensitive data. In other words, attackers employ new methods powered by social engineering and…

Data breaches in the context of GDPR

Data breaches are not a new notion, they have been around ever since companies started keeping records. However, their nature changed and they gained public attention with the apparition of digital data.

US Navy data breach

The incident. The US Navy announces today a major personal data breach. Back in October, due to a breach in a contractor’s laptop, someone accessed more than 130,000 accounts of its enlisted men.

UK’s cybersecurity start-up accelerator program

Great news for cybersecurity The UK government has announced an initiative that will see it join forces with some of the country’s hottest start-ups. They will fund the development of a start-up accelerator program that will help protect the UK from cyber attacks.