Our vision is to develop into the most reliable and responsible technology consulting, risk, and compliance company in Europe.

Our mission is to provide high-quality services.

  • Developing a sustainable environment that enhances and protects diversity, equality, and inclusion for employees by providing, among others, equal opportunities, incentives, remuneration that ensures dignity and safety, health and safety at work,
  • providing our services without disturbing societies and the environment, efficiently and intelligently managing energy and greenhouse emissions,
  • contributing with our actions to societies, the environment, and vulnerable groups

Always with integrity, social responsibility, independence, dignity and reliability, accountability, and humanity.

f society has integrated the principles of Social Responsibility into its activities and how it operates, recognizing that these principles are necessary for its long-term development.

The basis of f society’s effective governance of f society is the integration of the principles of social responsibility, decision-making, and implementation. To implement the above, f society has adopted as an umbrella the requirements of a Social Responsibility System according to the International Standard ISO 26000:2010, under which it satisfies the principles of accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for the interests of stakeholders parties, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of conduct and respect for human rights through its actions.

The above structure is a solid and unbreakable support, control, and management framework of the Internal Social Responsibility System.

The care for the health and safety of the employees, the respect and protection of the environment, the comprehensive coverage of the expectations and needs of the interested parties, and the harmonious coexistence with the local communities in which it operates are the main issues of the Sustainable Development of f society.

This policy is under the values of f society, the principles of International Law, responsibility, integrity, transparency, efficiency, and innovation. The management determines the policy, which is committed to:

  1. The application of the policy at all levels and areas of activity of the company
  2. Strictly observe current legislation and the full implementation of the standards, policies, internal instructions, and related procedures applied by f society, as well as other requirements arising from voluntary agreements, which the company subscribes to and accepts.
  3. Open, two-way communication with interested parties to recognize and record their needs and expectations.
  4. Provide a healthy and safe working environment for human resources, partners, and visitors.
  5. Protect human rights and provide a working environment of equal opportunities without discrimination.
  6. Continuously reduce the environmental footprint by implementing responsible actions and prevention measures according to the Best Available Practices.
  7. The cooperation and support of society, with the aim of f society contributing to the support of local communities and organizations.
  8. Constantly pursuit of creating added value.

To fulfill the above commitments, f society plans and implements relevant actions voluntarily. At the same time f society sets strategic priorities which focus on the following axes of its Sustainable Development:

  1. Economic Development and Corporate Governance. f society aims to achieve positive financial results, applies a system of good corporate governance, and assesses and manages business risks to safeguard the company’s and society’s interests. It develops procedures and takes measures both to enhance transparency and to prevent and fight corruption.
  2. Human Resources – Health and Safety at Work: f society respects and supports internationally recognized human rights and implements policies of fair remuneration, meritocracy, and equal opportunities for all human resources, without discrimination and with respect for diversity. At the same time, it offers opportunities for development through continuous training. The care to provide a healthy and safe working environment is of great importance.
  3. Environment: In environmental management, applying the principle of prevention and systematic actions minimizes the environmental footprint. f society operates respecting the principles of the circular economy by ensuring the optimal management of natural resources, the promotion of metal recycling, energy management, the management of greenhouse emissions, the utilization of secondary raw materials, and following waste disposal practices taking into account the philosophy of “circularity.”
  4. Society: f society is at the side of the community and responds sensitively to issues that concern it, having developed a close relationship based on cooperation and volunteerism. f society participates in actions that respond to society’s support of equality, sustainability, support of vulnerable groups, health, environment, and culture. It encourages volunteerism and supports initiatives for the sustainable development of society.

For all the above main issues concerning f society, we set individual Social Responsibility objectives. We evaluate these objectives on an annual basis in terms of their effectiveness and revise when necessary.

The policy, the results of performance in social responsibility matters, the implementation of actions, and the achievement of goals are monitored by the Social Responsibility Committee and published annually to inform all interested parties.

The views of the interested parties are taken into account during the annual Management Review on all the above issues.