f society’s customers can take advantage of the new secure world it can develop and their services, products and innovation can be promoted.

f society’s Risk and Security Services

IT Security assessment efforts by f society, incorporate a holistic approach that evaluates the human, physical and cyber elements of the critical IT infrastructure and services.

Risk and Security Assessments

f society provides Security Risk Assessments. These assessments analyze, identify and quantify its customers’ risks, threats, and countermeasures related to their information assets. The goal is to initiate an ongoing identification, remediation, and prevention of cybersecurity threats and issues.

Disasters and recovery plans (DRP)

In today’s digital world, disasters that affect our data and IT infrastructure applications are a given. Whether it is a deleted file, a ransomware attack, or a large-scale natural disaster. There are constant threats to IT infrastructure and the businesses that depend on them. f society can help its customers minimize the impact of an outage by making a disaster recovery plan tailored to specific needs and specifications.

Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

f society’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) consulting services uses proven methodologies to assess the current state of the BC program to identify and remedy existing gaps or vulnerabilities. F society’s methodology follows these fundamental steps:

  • Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Training and Exercises

Not only will customers be ready for virtually any disruption, but they will also gain the benefit of an objective, expert perspective to help deal with a range of scenarios.

Emergency Plans

In today’s global risk environment, having an emergency preparedness plan is advisable for f society’s customer’s organization. F society can assist in establishing an emergency response capability that will eventually help its customers to prepare for, respond to, and recover from adverse incidents.

Penetration Tests

Penetration testing simulates a real cyber-attack to test an environment’s cybersecurity posture/position. At its most basic, a successful pen test will prove how genuine the vulnerabilities in f society’s customers’ infrastructure may be by determining if a threat actor can get through. F society’s penetration testing goes much further than a typical vulnerability scan. Utilizing advanced manual techniques investigates in-depth and eliminates the false positives that are common within an automated scan.
If you are interested in learning more about Penetration Tests, visit the Penetration Testing page.

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