f society is committed to providing high-quality consulting services and developing an innovative research and work environment. The Company’s Top Management is committed to ensuring Quality. The commitment of the leadership and all the company staff to continuously improve the provided services is a strategic goal of management and responsibility.

f society’s vision statement describes where f society aspires to be upon achieving its mission. Οur vision statement describes where f society wants the society to be as a result of our services. f society’s vision is

for its customers to be able to understand and take advantage of the conveniences, security, prospects, and opportunities of the new age of the Ιnternet of Τhings, implementing their ideas in a secure digital world.”

f society understands the statement of its mission as the purpose it serves. The mission statement aims to clarify “how”, “who”, and “why”. It is the action plan of the Company’s vision.

f society’s mission is to provide superior quality services that: Customers recommend to their partners and affiliates, Stakeholders prefer for their companies, Consultants select for their clients, Employees are proud of, and Investors seek for long-term returns.”

The philosophy of f society aims to create long-term relationships with its customers.

f society never offers something to its client that will not bring real business value and reward to its investment. In addition to its core philosophy, its strategic goal is to be a valuable partner to its customers throughout their efforts to redesign their business processes to succeed in the new digital age.

Our Company recognizes Quality as a fundamental element for realizing the vision and the achievement of its mission. The starting point of the Quality Policy is the commitment of the Company’s Top Management and staff for the reliable and continuous improvement of the Quality of the provided services and partnership relations.

Through the establishment and continuous review, redesign, and redefinition of the Quality Policy, f society is committed to achieving even higher performance.

In the context of the Quality Policy, the Company’s Top Management encourages quality assurance, continuous improvement and sets specific key quality objectives that are reviewed at regular intervals and aimed at:

  1. efficient provision of services,
  2. continuous improvement and upgrading of the customer support process,
  3. participation in scientific, research and other projects and the exploitation of results and innovation,
  4. recruitment of highly qualified and trained staff and the continuous development of human resources,
  5. diffusion of knowledge,
  6. continuous growth and evolution of its information systems utilizing state-of-the-art technologies,
  7. participation in the development needs of the country,
  8. continued improvement of working conditions and Quality of life,
  9. continued improvement of operational performance,
  10. maximizing the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders,
  11. improving the attractiveness and internationalization of the Company,
  12. promotion in the society, the state, but also in the international market of the work that takes place,
  13. transparency at all levels,
  14. improvement of services and infrastructure of the Company,
  15. adoption of all the necessary processes and procedures that will ensure the uninterruptedand reliable internal and external evaluation of the Company, which in turn feeds the design of the Target,
  16. protection of intellectual property,
  17. protection of information assets.

The main concern and general objective of the Quality Management Policy is the continuous improvement of business performance while creating added value for the recipients, utilizing the experience, knowledge, and dynamics of human resources.

Τo achieve all the above f society has installed, implemented, and continuously improved an Internal Quality, Information Security, and Personal Data Management System.

  • For quality management, our Company complies with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 in which the incoming and outgoing information have been identified.
  • For the protection of information security, our Company applies the provisions of the International Standard ISO 27001:2013 and specializes in its relevant policy available here.
  • For the protection of personal data, our Company applies the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 679/16) as incorporated in the Greek legislation and is valid each time and is managed by the Information Security and Personal Data Management System according to the provisions of the International Standard ISO 27701: 2019 as specified in its relevant policy available here.
  • For environmental management, our Company applies the provisions of the International Standard ISO 14001:2015 and specializes in its relevant policy available here.
  • For business continuity, our Company applies the provisions of the International Standard ISO 22301:2019 and specializes in its relevant policy available here.

All the above form a solid and unbreakable framework of support, control, and administration of the Internal Quality, Information Security, and Personal Data Management System.

The Quality Policy is carried out with:

  • the commitment to comply with the legal and regulatory framework,
  • establishing, reviewing, redesigning, and redefining quality assurance objectives, which are entirely in line with the Company’s strategy,
  • its diffusion to stakeholders,
  • internal controls.

This policy mainly supports:

  • the organization of the Internal Quality, Information Security and Personal Data Management System,
  • taking on the responsibilities of leadership, staff, and their role in quality assurance,
  • safeguarding corporate principles, business ethics, non-discrimination, encouraging the involvement of external actors in quality assurance,
  • the continuous improvement of our services, research, and innovation,
  • the effective organization of our personnel and the development and maintenance of infrastructure
  • the allocation and effective management of the necessary resources for the operation of our Company,
  • development and the right allocation of human resources,
  • full compliance with the specified requirements and the specified delivery times, as defined in its offers to its customers, while offering an excellent financial result to itself,
  • the compliance with the current Legislation and the determination of Tax in Greece and the European Union in general,
  • compliance with the applicable Legislation that states and determines the Quality and Safety of the Activities and other services provided,
  • close cooperation with its Customers and Suppliers, aiming at the continuous improvement of its Services,
  • the continuous development of its employees, providing incentives for personal development, that leads to the better and more efficient performance of their duties,
  • minimizing the possibility of non-compliance by identifying any threats and taking preventive measures,
  • taking advantage of opportunities, aiming at the continuous improvement of its products and services.

f society’s Top Management considers that the Information Security and Personal Data Management System is an essential means of strengthening its position due to:

  1. The continuous improvement of the quality of services.
  2. Cost reduction.
  3. The most efficient organization.
  4. The promotion of innovation.

The framework and mechanism for defining and reviewing Quality objectives and goals are set out in the regular Management Reviews.

The continuous improvement of the performance and the prevention of problems – non-conformities, presuppose the awareness and the systematic control in each process. The way it is used to control processes requires:

  1. Clear definition of responsibilities and responsibilities for each process but also for each job.
  2. Written documentation of the way the work is performed (Procedures, Work Instructions, Control Instructions, etc.), where this is deemed necessary.
  3. Identification of incoming and outgoing information.
  4. Continuous control of recognized processes.
  5. Κeeping evidence that proves the quality of the services offered.
  6. Elaboration of programs for the achievement of the objective goals and objectives of quality.
  7. Procedure to systematically ensure that deviations are addressed (Corrective Actions), continuously improve the functions and create a framework for error prevention (Preventive Actions).

Failure to comply with this policy will have legal and non-legal consequences.

f society’s Quality Management Policy is made public, disseminated, and applied to its members involved so that everyone takes responsibility for their quality assurance.

f society communicates its Quality Management Policy at events of national and international level and in meetings with professional, research, social, environmental, and cultural bodies.

The Quality Management Policy Statement is posted on our website.

Date of Issue: 01 July 2021