ISO 37002:2021 is the standard that provides guidelines for establishing, implementing, and maintaining an effective whistleblowing management system.

ISO 37002:2021 has a base on the principles of trust, impartiality, and protection in the following four steps:

  • receiving reports of wrongdoing;
  • assessing reports of misconduct;
  • addressing reports of misconduct;
  • concluding whistleblowing cases.

The guidelines of this document are generic.

Also, all types of organizations can imply them, regardless of type, size, nature of the activity, and whether in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors.

ISO 37002:2021 helps an organization improve existing complaint policies and procedures and comply with current information complaint legislation.

This model also benefits organizations at other essential levels. Some of them include:

  • Allows them to spot and deal with mistakes at the first opportunity.
  • Helps prevent and minimize asset loss, as well as recover lost assets;
  • Ensures their compliance with organizational policies, procedures, and legal and social obligations;
  • Attracts and retains staff to be committed to the values ​​and culture of the organization;
  • Demonstrates good ethical governance practices in society, markets, regulators, landlords, and other stakeholders;

ISO 37002: 2021 addresses the need for organizations to protect complainants and others who may be affected by reporting infringements. Also, Retaliation has the label of a particular risk due to any complaint.

This approach shows an understanding of the complex issue of creating and managing an adequate organizational infrastructure for complaints and not just a limitation of the employer’s point of view but also of recognizing an informant’s perspective.

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