F society is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment and protecting the life and health of its employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and visitors to its facilities.

In this context, f society implements a Health and Safety Management System following the International standard ISO 45001:2018 and has recorded and implemented appropriate documented procedures and work instructions for its activities and facilities.

f society also recognizes that eliminating accidents and incidents of occupational diseases, especially in its production, promotes continuous, sustainable, productive employment and a decent work environment while effectively strengthening its competitiveness.

f society Health and Safety Policy focuses on the following principles:

  • To comply with all relevant and applicable Greek and European legislative, regulatory, contractual, and other requirements, as well as standards, guidelines, and best practices.
  • To provide all the necessary resources to protect the Health and Safety of its employees and third parties.
  • Creation, maintenance, and monitoring of a safe, comfortable working environment, following the requirements and best practices regarding health and safety, taking into account the specificities of the company’s activities.
  • Detailed and regularly updated risk assessment to identify and effectively eliminate or minimize any risk and potential risk related to the work environment.
  • To prevent work-related incidents, injuries or accidents, and ill health.
  • To make sure of staff’s participation and involvement in the decision-making process for the Health and Safety Management System.
  • Train staff and third parties continuously and intensively regarding Health and Safety issues.
  • To deal with zero tolerance for violence and harassment issues in the workplace.
  • Continuously measure and evaluate its Health and Safety performance based on appropriate indicators and targets.
  • Continuously improve the Occupational Health and Safety Management System to improve its performance.

The company’s strategy for reducing the risk of injury or ill health from work is on the prevention, identification, and immediate elimination of potentially dangerous situations whenever they arise and the proactive and periodic assessment of risks.

f society commits to:

  • Communicate this policy to its employees, subcontractors, relevant third parties under the company’s control, and any other interested party to inform them of their health and safety obligations and procedures.
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions.
  • To provide regular and appropriate training to its staff.
  • To use safe and proper chemicals and non-hazardous and hazardous materials.
  • Fully implementing all procedures and work instructions comprising the Health and Safety Management System.
  • To deal with incidents of Workplace Violence and Harassment under the provisions of Greek Law 4808/2021.

The policy’s revisions and the related documentation remain valid and appropriate regarding the needs and activities of the company and are in complete harmonization with the current legislation.

Through this Health and Safety Policy, the general HnS objectives of f society the following are defined:

  • To keep going with the investigation of taking preventive or corrective initiatives to increase the health and safety net during the company’s activities. Our company will aim to keep the accident percentage to 0% for the next three years.
  • Train continuously and educate our personnel in health and safety awareness matters. For the next three years, all our personnel will participate in at least three training per year regarding HnS issues.
  • To ensure the safe use of non-hazardous and hazardous materials. No accident due to misuse of dangerous materials is acceptable.
  • To reduce the potential impact on health and safety by evaluating our suppliers for their HnS compliance. We aim to evaluate 100% of our suppliers and insist on accepting only compliance with HnS legislation materials for the next three years.
  • The publication of the HnS management results from the operation of f society, and the measures taken to reduce these effects. At least once per year, our CSR report will publish our HnS impact.

These general objectives are achieved by applying control methods, monitoring and measuring all processes that fall under the technical operations of f society, and defining specific, measurable management objectives. As part of the management and policy, the company implements awareness programs and communicates appropriately documented information about the Health and Safety Management System to all involved.