For Environmental Responsibility we ensure you that any waste we produce as a result of your business operations is stored safely and securely, treated appropriately and collected for disposal or recycling by an organization.

We separate the following forms of commercial waste for recycling:

  • paper
  • card
  • plastic
  • metals
  • glass
  • electronics

Our 10 bullets rules for Environmental Responsibility

  1. We recycle.
  2. Not using printers at all.
  3. We care about our RF emissions.
  4. Avoid taking the car. We use bicycles when we can.
  5. We use eco-friendly electronic devices and equipment.
  6. Reducing our CO2 emissions.
  7. We have only e-business cards.
  8. Using eco-cloud services.
  9. We use solar panels to store energy for our equipment.
  10. Recording our daily power consumption.
  11. We popularize our monthly waste and consumption. (here is the latest)

Because in our Internet of the Things, environment matters!