F society, recognizing the impact of its activities on the environment, seeks the optimal use of natural resources and minimizes waste production.

At f society, we’re committed to building a sustainable company. We do this by creating value for our customers and stakeholders, actively fighting racial injustice, promoting gender equality, working hard to protect customers’ data and privacy, and doing what we can to mitigate our environmental impact. The combination of these initiatives helps us build a sustainable company: one that helps uplift the employees, communities, systems, and environment in which we operate. As a participant in the UN Global Compact, we have committed to adopting sustainable practices, reporting on those practices, and tracking them over time. This policy sets forth commitments that will guide our efforts to deliver environmental compliance as a minimum standard, continually improve our sustainability performance, and act as a thought leader for our employees, customers, and partners through education, partnership, and collective action. Our company’s contribution to the management and protection of the environment has two dimensions, internal and external. The inner dimension refers to our effort to reduce the environmental impact of our operation. The external dimension refers to our effort to increase the ecological perception of other interested parties and society.

To meet this goal, we are committed to the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System, under compliance obligations, following the principles and requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001:2015, regarding taking preventive and corrective measures to prevent the degradation of the internal and external environment.

The scope of the Environmental Management System :
Software Consulting Services.
Educational Services.
Consulting Services in Management and Compliance Systems.

f society personnel is obliged to follow the relevant procedures and their revisions, which result from implementing the Environmental Management System.

Through this Environmental Management Policy, as general environmental management objectives of f society, the following are defined:

  • The ongoing investigation of taking preventive or corrective initiatives for the most productive use of the resources required for the company’s activities, including the effects of greenhouse gas emissions caused by energy consumption. For the next three years, our company will achieve a percentage of reusable energy used for production at 90%.
  • In matters of environmental awareness, our personnel continues their training and education. For the next three years, all our personnel will participate in at least five pieces of training per year regarding environmental issues.
  • The continuous effort to reduce the potential impact on the environment through improving our operations and the management of our waste generated based on the process reduce-reuse-recycle. For the next three years, we aim first to reduce, reuse, and recycle 100% of the paper and other useless electronic devices;
  • f society publicizes the environmental impacts of its operation, along with the measures it takes to reduce these effects. At least once per year, we will publish our environmental impact in our CSR report. An environmental impact report will accompany all our deliverables for the next three years.
  • These general objectives are achieved by applying control methods, monitoring and measuring all processes that fall under the technical operations of f society, and defining specific, measurable management objectives. As part of environmental management and policy, the company implements ecological awareness programs and communicates appropriately documented information about the Environmental Management System to all involved.