f society acknowledges the impact of its activities on the environment and seeks the optimal use of natural resources and the minimization of waste production.

Our contribution to the management and protection of the environment has internal and external dimensions. The internal dimension refers to our effort to reduce the environmental impact of our operation. The external dimension refers to the attempt to increase the environmental awareness of other stakeholders and the local communities in which we operate.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System, under compliance obligations, following the principles and requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 concerning taking preventive and corrective measures to prevent the deterioration of the interior and external environment.

The scope of application of the Environmental Management System concerns all the activities of the Company and specifically:

  1. Software and Applications Consulting Services.
  2. Education Services.
  3. Consulting Services in Management and Compliance Systems.

The achievement of the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System will take place through the review and revision of both it and the set management objectives.

All of f society’s staff are obliged to follow the relevant procedures and their revisions resulting from the implementation of the Environmental Management System.

Through this Environmental Management Policy, the following are the general environmental management objectives of f society:

  • The ongoing investigation of taking preventive or corrective initiatives for the most productive use of the resources required for the activities of the Company.
  • The constant training and education of our staff in matters of environmental awareness.
  • The continuous effort to reduce the environmental’s potential impact by improving our functions and services.
  • The publication of the environmental effects of f society’s operation and its measures to reduce these effects.

The achievement of these general objectives is done by applying methods of control, monitoring, and measurement of all processes that fall under the functions of f society and by defining specific, measurable management objectives. In the context of environmental management and policy implementation, the Company implements environmental awareness programs and communicates appropriately documented information about the Environmental Management System to all involved.