EcoVadis is the world’s leading environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) assessment company, with more than 90,000 companies in 160 countries.

The EcoVadis rating system (CSR Rating) aims to evaluate the quality of the companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility Management System. The achievement of this assessment will be through the policies, implementation measures, and results thereof.

21 criteria are responsible for this evaluation, grouped into four thematic sections:

  1. Environment,
  2. Labor Practices and Rights,
  3. Good Business Practices and
  4. Sustainable Supplies.

The basis of these 21 criteria is international Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards such as:

  • Global Compact Principles,
  • conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO),
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, the ISO 26000 standard, and
  • principles of CERES.

Rate your organization with the EcoVadis ranking system – why it is essential.

With the EcoVadis Evaluation System, your organization can achieve the following:

  • Benchmark against industry competitors
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Improving supply chain sustainability
  • Enhance reputation and credibility
  • Compliance with regulatory and compliance requirements.

One of the key benefits of EcoVadis certification is that it can help companies improve their sustainability performance by identifying areas where they need to make changes. The assessment process provides detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of a business. In this way, companies can use this information to develop action plans and make improvements. In addition, certification can help companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, which can be crucial in building trust and maintaining relationships.

EcoVadis certification is also becoming an increasingly important requirement for companies.

In particular for companies that wish to collaborate with large companies and public sector organizations. Many of these organizations now require their suppliers to have a specific sustainability certification, and the EcoVadis certification is one of the most widely recognized and respected.

How f society can help you:

f society has been evaluated by the quality of the Corporate Social Responsibility Management System, awarding it the highest Platinum distinction!

f society with its specialized staff is responsible for posting and supporting all intermediate processes until the production of the evaluation result by EcoVadis.

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