The Data Protection Officer (D.P.O.) Services are essential for companies to comply with the G.D.P.R. The D.P.O. is responsible for overseeing the data protection strategy and implementation. In this way, they ensure compliance with the requirements of the G.D.P.R.

By the time G.D.P.R. came into force, the services of the D.P.O. had become mandatory for all companies that cooperate with the data of E.U. citizens. D.P.O. also acts as a point of contact between the company and the supervisory authorities overseeing the data-related activities.

As described in the G.D.P.R. in Article 39, the responsibilities of the Ministry of Culture. are summarized below:

Informs the company and its employees about essential compliance requirements.

Trains staff who process with personal data.

Conducts audits to ensure compliance and dynamically resolve potential issues.


Acts as a contact point between the company and the supervisory authority.


Monitors performance and provides advice on the impact of data protection efforts.


Responsible for maintaining complete records of all data processing activities performed by the company. These include the purpose of all processing activities, which must be made public upon request.


The D.P.O. is contacting the data subjects to inform them about their data use, their rights regarding the deletion of their data, and what measures the company takes to protect their personal information.


Do I need the services of a D.P.O.?

Article 37 of the G.D.P.R. introduces the role of the D.P.O. Which the Controller and the Executor designate a Data Protection Officer in each case in which:

Processing is carried out by a public authority or body, except for courts acting within their jurisdiction.

The main activities of the Controller or the Executor are processing operations. Due to their nature, scope, and/or purposes require regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale.

The main activities of the Controller shall be the large-scale processing of specific categories of data referred to in Article 9 or personal data relating to criminal convictions and offenses referred to in Article 10.

Hospitals, insurance companies, banks, companies that process data online for advertising purposes, and pharmaceutical companies that process sensitive personal data fall within large-scale activities.

Therefore, the above categories include companies outside the E.U. processing personal data of E.U. citizens. For this reason, the G.D.P.R. impacts companies worldwide, the majority of which require the appointment of a Data Protection Officer.

Data Protection Officer (D.P.O.) Services:

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f society creates specialized instructions for compliance with the G.D.P.R. for Organizations, Companies, and Institutions.

It guides Organizations and Businesses to understand the steps they need to follow to ensure compliance with the G.D.P.R.

It is preparing its customers regarding the requirements of the G.D.P.R.

Educates its customers and staff about the data they process.

It informs its customers about the data they keep, why they keep it, the period of keeping it, and where they will keep/store this data.

Provides Data Protection Officer Services (D.P.O.).

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