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W. E. Deming

Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence services is something we have been rendering from end-to-end in f society. For instance, these include consulting and implementation, data visualization and reporting, health check and testing. All of these help businesses to benefit from informed decision-making. Above all, we treat every project individually and select the services that cover our customer’s business needs best!

Business Intelligence Implementation Services

We design and implement powerful B.I. that allows our customers to plan their companies’ activities. In addition, we evaluate the performance according to the plan, analyze changes and optimize their processes and operations.

Business Intelligence Consulting

If you are just setting off on your B.I. journey, f society can help you develop your individual B.I. strategy, as well as support you throughout all the subsequent stages of the project until your B.I. system is successfully adopted. And if you are in the middle of your B.I. adventure, we can help you improve the existing B.I. solution, in case you are experiencing troubles with it. In other words, we are ready to help regardless of the stage you are at.

B.I. Solutions

f society has been delivering B.I. solutions that cover the needs of both business users and business analysts. The former need predefined reports, the latter value flexibility, and we know how to combine the required features into one solution.

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