Use Instagram to Increase your conversions

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Using  Social media to increase your conversions

…of course, there are a lot of ways to make conversions except for Instagram.

The average order value from Instagram marketing is $65.00. That’s higher than from any other social media platform except for Polyvore ($66.75). In addition, a recent study has found that Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social media platform.

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But how can you use Instagram to increase your sales?

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8 Marketing Methods That Turn Shoppers Into Conversions

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Marketing methods

As an online store owner, you’re always looking for more traffic and sales. With so many ways of achieving these goals, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the best place to start.

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Facebook shuts down controversial chatbot experiment after AIs develop their own language to talk to each other.

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Facebook has shut down a controversial chatbot experiment that saw two AIs develop their own language to communicate.  The social media firm experimented with teaching two chatbots, Alice and Bob, how to negotiate with one another. However, researchers at the Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR) found that they had deviated from the script and were inventing new phrases without any human input.

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Categories Education and AIESEC Athens organize the 1st workshop in Business Model Canvas for the  AIESEC interns.

Twelve AIESEC interns from all over the world will participate in the 1st workshop for Business Model Canvas and will be in touch with the #1 Swiss knife of the startups, on 25 July at our offices in Pireas.

1st workshop Business Model Canvas

Our intern from the U.S.A. will train participants.

The event will be broadcasting on our Facebook page.


Cybersecurity college to open at Bletchley Park

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Cybersecurity gets a new pillar.

Great news, Bletchley Park is creating a cybersecurity college. Teaching 16-19-year-olds cybersecurity skills along with maths, physics, computer science and economics. What better place for the college to be located than at Bletchley Park. The UK’s hub of codebreaking during the second world war, where the infamous Enigma Code was deciphered.

Bletchley Park opens cybersecurity college

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UK’s cybersecurity start-up accelerator program

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Great news for cybersecurity

The UK government has announced an initiative that will see it join forces with some of the country’s hottest start-ups. They will fund the development of a start-up accelerator program that will help protect the UK from cyber attacks.

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“HOMEKit” the Exploit Generator Used to Deliver Espionage Malware

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Specialists believe that cyber attackers used the toolkit, dubbed “HOMEKit” by Palo Alto Networks, to generate malicious Microsoft Word documents for various campaigns since 2013. Similar to the MNKit exploit generator, HOMEKit relies on the CVE-2012-0158 vulnerability in Office to deliver malware.


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